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Our History

        Here at Bella Princess we have been successfully making children’s dreams come true since 2002! We've perfected our private parties to engage children of all ages. A Bella Princess experience includes fun interactive games, sing-alongs, dancing, and of course, an extra sprinkle of magic!

Whether at your location, our location, or The Oakeside Mansion, your party experience will feel as if you’ve stepped into your favorite storybook. For more information on where you can hold your next private party, visit our Themes page.


            Not only does Bella Princess offer our incredible Fairy Tale Parties, but over the years, we have also added more magical events that are open to the public! These enchanted additions include our Royal Balls and monthly Interactive Story experiences, which allow parents and children the chance to meet and interact with multiple fairytale characters in a whimsical, themed setting. We pride ourselves on providing magic for every age group, so you and your little one can experience a Bella Princess dream come true! 


*We don't offer Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, or D.C. characters because we do not offer any copyrighted characters.  Our characters are only from non-copyrighted fables or legends.  If our characters look similar to media characters, look no further than the original tales they come from. Companies such as Disney often embellish on the original intended design of a character from a fable or fairytale. Therefore, when we create our costumes, we return to the original media for design inspiration. You will find that children often cannot tell the difference. If they see a blonde woman in a blue dress, they will probably think of Cinderella, even if the dress was a store-bought prom dress. We understand that you want your child to have a realistic princess at your party and we will do our best to make sure that they believe they have been visited by a "real" princess. But we cannot offer copyrighted designs of any kind. We can only serve customers who understand that we don't offer copyrighted characters. If you NEED a copyrighted character, you can try contacting the copyright holder.


*Disclaimer: We are pleased to provide princess party guest entertainment for your little princess! Please note that it is not our intention to violate copyright laws, so we attempt to make our characters different from nationally known, copyrighted characters using uniquely designed gowns, tiaras, hairstyles and princess names of our own creation. Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character at your event, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific targeted character.

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