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Our History

At Bella Princess, we've been turning children's dreams into enchanting realities since 2003.

Our commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences for children of all ages has been unwavering, ensuring that every private or public event we host is replete with captivating interactive games, delightful sing-alongs, spirited dancing, and that all-important dash of magic.

Whether you're celebrating at our enchanting venue or bringing Bella Princess magic to your location, we guarantee a narrative-driven experience, making you feel as if you've been transported into a beloved storybook. For details on organizing a private celebration with us, please refer to our event inquiry form or explore the myriad themes we offer under the "themes" tab.

But Bella Princess isn't just about fairy tale parties. Over the years, we've expanded our magical repertoire to include public events that charm both young and old. Dive into our Royal Balls or partake in our monthly Interactive Story sessions, where parents and children can meet, engage, and embark on adventures with a medley of fairy tale personalities in dreamy, themed environments.

At Bella Princess, we believe magic knows no age. Let us whisk you and your loved ones away on a mesmerizing journey where dreams really do come true!

Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

At Bella Princess, we value creativity and originality.

  • We do not offer characters from Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, or D.C., nor do we have any affiliation with copyrighted characters. Our characters are based solely on timeless, non-copyrighted fables and legends. If any of our characters bear a resemblance to media figures, it's essential to recognize that these similarities stem from the original tales they are rooted in. Popular companies, like Disney, often amplify and adapt these classic characters. In designing our costumes, we draw inspiration directly from these age-old tales. It's not uncommon for children to associate a character they see with a well-known figure — for example, a blonde woman in a blue dress may remind them of Cinderella. We aim to create an immersive and authentic experience, making children believe they've been visited by a "real" princess. However, we strictly steer clear of copyrighted designs and only cater to clients who appreciate our adherence to this principle. If you're keen on having a copyrighted character at your event, we advise reaching out directly to the respective copyright holder.

  • Disclaimer: We're delighted to add a sprinkle of magic to your event with our princess guest entertainment! We emphasize that our intent is never to infringe upon copyright laws. To ensure this, our characters are uniquely crafted with distinct gowns, tiaras, hairstyles, and names. If you're looking to include a licensed, copyrighted character at your gathering, please get in touch with the appropriate company or copyright holder for that character.

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