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Bella Princess

Provides magical experiences for your little one. So you can relax and enjoy those special moments.

Children love to pretend!

Bella Princess allows them to do just that, in a safe, tasteful and magical way. In person or through our virtual experiences!

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What sets us apart?

Professional & Passionate

At Bella Princess, our professional performers are uniquely selected for the beauty they exude both inside and out. Our performers not only match the demeanor expected of royalty, but they are also reliable and passionate individuals who truly love what they do!

Quality Appearance 

We understand that high-quality appearance is a key part of making any magical event a success. At Bella Princess, we take special pride in the design of each one of our fairytale character costumes. Crafted with the highest quality materials, each costume is exclusively and uniquely designed by our seamstresses.

Top-Notch Training 

We take the integrity of our fairytale characters seriously, providing ongoing in-depth character training to ensure our performers are equipped with all the necessary tools required to provide a superb experience. Bella Princess is known for providing stellar character experiences, and our specialty events will make you feel as if you've just stepped into your very own storybook.

Want to give your child a magical experience but don't know where to start?

We know that planning a special event can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming to execute.

Choosing the wrong professionals can leave you disappointed and frustrated. 

Your child deserves a truly magical day! At Bella Princess, we will eliminate the hassle and  help you with the booking process. We then pair you up with passionate professionals to execute the perfect experience! With the help of our professional performers, you will have a stress free event giving you more time to focus on what matters most – your little one!


Let us take care of the details, so that we can create the experience you envisioned.

Creating magical events since 2002

It's easy to have a magical experience!

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